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Discover an enjoy the delicious, spicy or mild Indian cuisine dishes. Restaurant Koh-i-Noor prepare authentic Indian meals like for you below. Take a look at our menu by clicking at the above categories. All prices are per person.

Menu Groups Side dishes

Mint and tamarind sauce    2,00

Garlic + Chilly nan    4,00

Mix salad    3,00

Fresh, mixed salad

Raita    2,00

Yoghurt with cucumber, onions and herbs

Onion salad    2,25

Red and white onions with herbs

Mix pickles    1,75

Mix pickles

Mango chutney    1,75

Mango chutney

Pilau rice    4,50

Indian Pilau rice with herbs

Pratha    2,25

Indian pancake with butter

Keema nan    3,75

Bread stuffed with minced lamb

Papardam    0,50

Crispy, thin Indian bread

Peshwari nan    3,75

Bread, filled with coconut powder, raisins, lychees, etc.

Nan    2,50

Soft, Indian bread

Cheese nan    3,75

Bread stuffed with cheese

Roti    1,75

Indian pancake of brown flour

Garlic nan    3,75

Bread stuffed with garlic