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Discover an enjoy the delicious, spicy or mild Indian cuisine dishes. Restaurant Koh-i-Noor prepare authentic Indian meals like for you below. Take a look at our menu by clicking at the above categories. All prices are per person.

Menu Groups Vegetarian main and side dishes

Mix Vegetable Curry    Side: 8,00Main: 15,00

Mix vegetables in curry sauce.

Shahi paneer    Side: 9,50Main: 18,75

Homemade cheese in cream sauce (mild flavor)

Paneer massala    Side: 9,00Main: 17,75

Homemade cheese with onions, tomatoes and peppers with different spices (medium spicy)

Mushroom Bhajee    Side: 9,00Main: 16,75

Mushrooms with tomatoes, onions and medium hot spices

Saag paneer    Side: 8,00Main: 15,00

Indian spinach and homemade cheese cooked with butter and herbs.

Matter paneer    Side: 8,00Main: 15,00

Cheese of the house with peas in curry sauce.

Alloo Gobi    Side: 8,00Main: 15,00

Fresh potatoes and cauliflower cooked with herbs.

Alloo saag    Side: 8,00Main: 15,00

Indian spinach and potatoes cooked with butter and herbs.

Dal tarka    Side: 8,00Main: 15,00

Indian lentils, cooked in butter, tomatoes and herbs.

Chana massala    Side: 8,00Main: 15,00

Chickpeas in curry sauce.

Vegetable kurma    Side: 9,00Main: 17,75

Mixed vegetables in cream sauce.

Baingin Bharta    Side: 9Main: 17,75

Fresh eggplant, peeled and cooked with butter, onions and tomatoes.

Alloo matter    Side: 8,00Main: 15,00

A spicy combination of potatoes and peas in curry sauce.

Bombay alloo    Side: 8,00Main: 15,00

Potatoes in hot curry sauce. Originating from South India.

Bhindi Bhajee    Side: 9,00Main: 17,75

Fresh okra (Indian vegetable), prepared with oil, onions and tomatoes.